Dear client,

As a services firm to the global fleet and mobility market,  Dragintra  fully understands the importance of continued operations.
Even in times of an international crisis, which the Corona outbreak indisputably is, we’re here to ensure business continuity.

At Dragintra, we have taken every precaution to secure the health and safety of our people and the continuity of our services to you and your clients.
Dragintra has a robust and comprehensively tested Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place that among other things foresees the unexpected closures of offices and worldwide travel limitations. 

Our management closely monitors updates from local authorities and strictly follows guidelines and advice. Rest assured that we are fully geared to servicing you and your drivers during this evolving pandemic.
However, we also depend on third parties. Due to their measures against COVID-19, it is possible that a number of actions can not be performed .


We hope for your understanding. Ofcourse we are available at all times to answer your questions.


With kind regards,

The Dragintra-team